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Ultraviolet (UV) printing technology is a growing trend in the printing industry. The main difference between this method and the more traditional one is that ink is cured through a photomechanical process rather than evaporating solvents into the air. Through this method printers can work in a clean environment, and results in zero emissions due to the lack of ozone fumes. This is achieved using HUV, a new UV printing method where ink is dried immediately on the surface of the paper it is being applied to using UV light.

In recent years, the market for original and customized items using UV inkjet printing techniques has expanded for low-volume, high-mix on-demand production. The UV inkjet printer does not require a print-plate, thus the time of delivery and cost is reduced. The new feature of UV inkjet printing enables us to only print "what you need" and "when you need," which provides an economic advantage over other printing methodoloiges. 

A current consumer trend is that customers prefer to create items that they need rather than selecting items from existing products. In order to fulfil next-generation needs, our UV Printing services enable the creation of one-of-a-kind or small run items. It is believed that this method of printing will also become the most cost-effective printing methodology.  Currently the niche printing method is more visually appealing to conventional style printing, a lot quicker and reduces the damage to the environment considerably.


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